Welcome to the project

Hello and welcome to the Jisc FE Skills Window Project.

We’re a new project funded by Jisc, which aims to provide teaching practitioners in the FE sector with simple, flexible and easy to navigate routes to Jisc digital content that are directly relevant to their curriculum, qualifications and working practices.

projectneedsyouWhat does this mean? Well, there are two key elements to us designing and delivering such a service to the sector. One is mapping existing resources to the curriculum, making it easier to find content to suit your needs for the subject you’re teaching. The other is gathering extensive user requirements … and this is where we really need FE practitioners to talk to us about how they search for learning and teaching resources, how they want to search and discover and a real involvement in the design and development of any window onto Jisc resources.

Subject views? Resource type views? Qualification Levels?

Or do you not use Jisc resources in your teaching? If not is it because of issues with discoverability?

At the very heart of the project is this promise to drive the development around the needs of practitioners, so we want to hear your stories and thoughts on how you do (or why you don’t) get to the content you use…and the content you need.

Here are some of the Jisc content services for FE that we will be developing new paths to …

Jisc Content services

If you would like to be involved – and we really hope you do! – drop a comment here, get in touch using the contact form or email me, Mark Power (Community Engagement Officer) at mark.power@manchester.ac.uk