Other Jisc digital resources projects

Something I’ve discovered a few weeks into my time on this project is that there are a number of other projects focused on improving Jisc’s offering to the FE & Skills sector, with regards to digital resources, that strongly link with ours.


First off there’s the Interactive Learning Resources for Skills project at Jisc Collections. This is the continuation of the Jisc eBooks for Skills project, renamed and reshaped – in light of feedback from the sector. Hugh Look, the project manager on the eBooks for Skills project, has moved on. In his place, steering the ILR (my abbreviation) for Skills project is Ruth Hansford, and it’s Ruth’s task to speak to the ACL and WBL sector – along with Independent Training Providers – and gather needs…then spend the money she has on procuring licenses for new content that suits those needs.

So, we’ll be keeping in touch with Ruth and see what develops.

Secondly, there’s a Multimedia Anthologies for MediaHub project which is, it seems, stuttering a bit to start and isn’t quite off the ground yet, unfortunately. Where this one overlaps with the Window project is that Jisc Collections – in partnership with the British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) will work with subject experts in FE (and HE but that’s *over there*) to identify resources in MediaHub that can fit together to form cohesive collections – or Anthologies – based around subject areas. I’m really hoping this project can get going soon – and latest discussions with those involved suggest it will – as, right now, while there is definitely lots of content in MediaHub, the context on how it could be used in actual teaching & learning, is hard to fathom…which, of course, pretty much hobbles it when it comes to being a collection that FE tutors can simply visit – download – and hit play (apologies to any MediaHub folks reading this…please don’t send the Jisc Content Police round*).

And, finally, not part of the Jisc Digital Resources services, but very much still overlapping, is the project currently engaged in redesigning and relaunching the Excellence Gateway site for the Education and Training Foundation. The project is being managed by the fine folk at Jisc Netskills, up in Newcastle and we’ll also be having a good discussion with them about where the overlaps are and how we see our work – along with the previous projects mentioned – combining to deliver improved avenues to discovering useful digital content for stakeholders in the sector.

There’s a lot of content out there, but some of it needs to be more contextualised, some needs to be easier to find, and some will no doubt need some repair and retouching to keep it relevant to the sector. It’s definitely our hope on the Window project that the combination of these different initiatives will deliver just that.

* There is no such police force. Any likeness to any real life content police force is purely unintentional.