Describing Digital Resources by ‘Type’

Along with lots of other stuff, one conversation we’re currently having is around the description of “Resource Types”. We are considering how best to describe different resources, in terminology that practitioners find the most useful when looking for digital materials to use in their teaching and learning.

The project is starting off with the list of Resource Types that Jorum currently provides. However, this has 33 options; so we’re looking to refine that list for our usage in the FE Skills Window – with our initial thinking to whittle this down to a ‘top 10’ (or thereabouts).

Here’s our first go at it …

  1. Audio
  2. Image
  3. Video
  4. Web link
  5. Teaching notes
  6. Interactive resource
  7. User guide
  8. VLE Package (SCORM, etc)
  9. Case Study
  10. Assessment
  11. eBook

We’d really appreciate your input on this. How does that list look to you? Any omissions you feel should be in there? Any of them in need of tweaking? What terms would you – as a practitioner – use to describe the resources you look for and use?

Please do let us know, using the comments box below (or you can email me at

It’s your feedback and requirements that we need to develop a solution that works best for you.

1 thought on “Describing Digital Resources by ‘Type’

  1. Carl Vincent

    There’s some similarity between your work and the Excellence Gateway review and transition project Jisc are working on with the Education and Training Foundation – we’ve spoken about it before.

    We’ve finalised our new “leaner” taxonomy now, and it’s publicly available via the Lexaurus service here: so you can compare notes on how we’re categorising things on resource type and various other vocabularies. We’ve run this past our advisory group which has representatives from a range of sector bodies, and they’re happy with it so far. We’re just going through the re-tagging process now for an upcoming re-launch of the Excellence Gateway site.

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