The Jisc FE & Skills Window Project is currently running until 31st July 2015 and is led by Mimas.

Complementing the recent work done under the Jisc FE and Skills development and resources programme, this project aims to provide teaching practitioners within the Further Education and Skills sector with simple, flexible and easy to navigate routes to Jisc digital content that is directly relevant to their curriculum, qualifications and working practices. We will provide a cohesive, sensible focal point via Jorum (the national repository for teaching and learning), developing flexible access routes to enable FE colleges to discover Jisc content.

Underpinning the project are two core priorities …

  1. Mapping a significant amount of resources and content to the FE & Skills curriculum
  2. Gathering user requirements to drive the design and development of the Window. This means getting out to colleges and learning centres, talking to practitioners about how they currently search for resources and how they really want to be able to find Jisc content that will suit their needs.

What is the “Window”?

Well…we’re glad you asked. A Window is simply a customised tool, tailored to give a view onto Jisc resources across content services such as:

Jisc Content services

This could be a web page from which you can search for resources and discover what’s available across a number of Jisc digital content services. But it could also be a widget type plugin for a WordPress site or a block for searching from inside Moodle. Your requirements is what will shape it.

If you would like further information or would like to get involved by contributing your user stories and requirements please do get in touch, either with our Community Engagement Officer, Mark Power at mark.power@manchester.ac.uk, or using the contact form.